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My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen! I would beg your attention for a short while to introduce you to the various personalities who make up Sloe Gin. After much thought, and to avoid diplomatic blunders the members of the group are listed in order of mass.

Firstly we have Maryse Hunter, the diminutive member of the group, but be warned, there is no correlation between her size and her capacity to strike fear in the hearts of men.

On the other hand she is a vocalist with a very nice touch with the more gentle of our material. She plays a wide range of percussion, including bones, bodhran and other strange traditional instruments, and also wields a mean guitar. Maryse was a founder member of the Bromsgrove group “Witches Brew” which was often seen at the Four Fools Folk Festival in Redditch.

Sadly she was severely led astray by Keith and inveigled into putting on strange medieval attire to become a minstrel.

Next we have John Sullivan, sometimes known as Tall Dark and Gruesome.

In the dim and distant past, before becoming a tourist attraction, John worked with a range of folk duos and groups including “Guinness and Brew”, “Paceggin” and “Witches Brew” with Maryse, as well as playing traditional English music with the “White Hart Morris Men” and “Nancy Butterfly”, a Ladies North West clog team in Redditch, country dance music with “The Occasional Pub Band” and Traditional Irish with "Tommy Dempsey". In addition (too often?) travelling to a gig he will burst into some very strange songs indeed which hint at even more peculiar musical activities in the dim and distant past.

John plays cittern, mandolin, English concertina and guitar with the group and also takes his share of the vocal work.

Keith Kerans is sometimes known by the alias “Thje World’s Fattest Minstrel” and has been involved in Medieval Banquetting for over 25 years both as a minstrel and as a Master of Ceremonies. He began at the West Midlands Safari Park Banquets in Bewdley and moved on to Himley Hall in Dudley and Warwick Castle .

In the past he has worked with a range of folk duos and groups from “The Right Mixture” and “The Clifton Bluegrass Boys” playing bluegrass and traditional American to Irish music with “The Wexfords”, ”Drowsy Maggie” and "Tommy Dempsey" and medieval and traditional music with “The Harvesters”.

With “Sloe Gin" he plays guitar; Rauschpfeiffen (you may well ask!); mandolin; recorders; whistle and crumhorn, as well as being vocalist, Master of Ceremonies and dance instructor.

At home he also plays 5-string banjo, Appallachian dulcimer; autoharp and keyboards.


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